Download PostgreStats Enterprise

Current Version: 2.2
Released: 3/6/2019
Source: Download
MD5 Checksum: a8b2f591a334f1c711ead10ef802b74f

  • OS: Linux / Unix
  • PostgreSQL version: 9.2+
  • PHP: 5.2+ compiled with PostgreSQL
  • Apache or equivalent webserver
  • PostgreSQL Statistics Collector

What's new in v2.2
  • Enterprise now stats Conflicts and Deadlocks from pg_stat_database
  • timestamp columns are now of type timestamptz (reflecting stats_reset column change in pg_stat_database)
  • Bug fix in the Month VS Month view
  • Now tested on PostgreSQL 11.2
  • Now tested on PHP 7.2.16
  • Now tested on CentOS 7.6.1810

What's new in v2.1
  • Fixed JS bug keeping Set-up page from displaying properly on fresh install
  • Updated PHP preg_replace syntax
  • Now tested on PostgreSQL 10.5
  • Now tested on PHP 7.2.10
  • Now tested on CentOS 7.5.1804

What's new in v2.0
  • Transitioned from XHTML to HTML5
  • Responsive layout now accommodates mobile devices
  • Implemented new "Dark Mode" interface feature
  • Reduced AJAX script execution memory
  • Reduction in over-all code base
  • Overhauled Javascript / now using strict validation
  • Expanded use of CSS minimizing inline styles
  • Many bug fixes and over-all improvements
V2.2 Released
Enterprise v2.2 now collects Conflict and Deadlock statistics. V2.2 also moves timestamp column types to timestamptz - reflecting stats_reset column change in pg_stat_database. Other minor bug fixes and now tested in updated versions of PostgreSQL, PHP and CentOS..
Supported Features
  • Data Storage: PostgreSQL
  • Installed On: Web Server or Database Server
  • Automated VIA: Cron
  • Requires Root: No
  • Requires Postgres Super-user: No
  • Requires Stats Reset: No
  • Multi-server Support: Yes
  • Apache Realm Security: Yes
  • Dark Mode Feature: Yes
  • Data-aware Navigation: Yes
  • Online GUI Administration: Yes
  • Replication Mode: Yes