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PostgreStats Conf File Integrity Check Status
PostgreStats Directory: Yes, PostgreStats install directory is accounted for. PASS

Conf File Located: Yes, PostgreStats conf.php file is accounted for. PASS

Database Login Credentials: Yes, database log-in credentials are accounted for. PASS

PSQL Location: Yes, PSQL is accounted for. PASS

Database Super-user: Yes, database super-user credentials are accounted for. PASS

HTTP Authentication: No, apache web authentication not being used. PASS

Vacuum Analyze on Update: No, vacuum analyze on log update not enabled. PASS

Data Auto Backup: Yes, auto backing up PostgreStats data on log update. PASS

Completion Email: No, summary email after log update not enabled. PASS

Default Interface: Default PostgreStats interface is white on black. PASS

FTP to Web-server: No, PostgreStats directory will not FTP to web-server. PASS

Conf File Status:   PASS